Christmas/Holiday time

Though Hannukah is long past, now we are in the midst of Christmas fast approaching.  I reflect on the issues that I’ve seen in families during this time that can be both joyous and stressful.  A lot of times children with cognitive delays or anger management issues have a negative view of the season and their behaviors in school or at home tend to escalate around this time.  For these kids, moncler arriette aspen try to look at their perspective, whether it be that something traumatic occurred near the holiday season that linked the holiday with a bad memory, or a perspective that they always get the short end of the stick when compared with their peers or siblings with regard to gift giving.  It’s helpful in these cases to try to find the root of what is bothering them and work with them around solutions to feeling better.  Also an emphasis on giving instead of receiving can be useful, moncler a maglia crew knit coat especially if modeled by the adults in the family.  Another tradition you could start to turn things in a positive direction is to do something special with a child that struggles, to let them know that you love them unconditionally. My last bit of advice is for you to take care of yourself first.  Allow yourself time to relax, moncler diaper bag drake enjoy other’s company, read or exercise if that’s what helps you stay calm.  Engage in a creative task, even making paper chains with your children can be a positive memory that lasts and helps reduce stress.

Happy Holidays